Green cabbage & potato soup


Ok, I have to admit this meal comes from a mistake. I wanted to buy salad and… It was not salad but green cabbage, my bad.

I had never cooked green cabbage before but I was definetly not going to throw it away. I had no idea on how to cook it so I tried to make a cabbage soup. And it was good and quite easy to cook actually!

I put water to boilled with salt, pepper, teryaki sauce and spicies. I added the green cabbage, potatoes, onion and noodles. And it was spicy and delicious!


Bon, je dois avouer que c’est sur un malentendu que j’en suis venue à manger ce repas. Je voulais à la base m’acheter une salade mais… c’était en fait du chou ! Oups.

Je n’avais jamais cuisiné de chou par le passé mais je n’allais tout de même pas le jeter. Je n’avais cependant aucune idée de la façon dont le cuisiner et j’ai donc décidé d’en faire une soupe. Et c’était finalement plutôt pas mal et très facile à cuisiner !

J’ai mis de l’eau à bouillir avec du sel, du poivre, de la sauce teryaki et des épices. J’y ai ajouté le chou, des pommes de terre, des oignions et des nouilles et ce fut délicieusement épicé !



Flounders – Pensacola beach

IMG_2171 IMG_2172

I´ve not been for so long in Pensacola but I already tried many restaurant !

My favourite one is Flounders in Pensacola Beach. They have great appetizers : the “oignon ring tower” and the “seafood nachos” (must be more than two people because it’s reaaally big).
They have the best (and biggest) burger (or cheese burger) of Pensacola and the best french fries I’ve had the chance to eat so far !
If you like seafood, you must try their “flounders chowder” which is really tasty.
If you are still hungry for dessert, try their key lime pie : it’s huge but really good! You can easily share it with one or two people.
You should also try their sunday brunch : they have an all you can drink mimosa (champagne + orange juice) till 2pm and typical brunch food.
You can stay here all day long, playing volleyball, laying on the beach or just drinking their awesome cocktails!


J’habite à Pensacola depuis à peine quelques semaines et j’ai pourtant déjà essayé tellement de restaurant (gourmande que je suis).

Mon préféré étant à ce jour Flounders, à Pensacola Beach. Ils proposent de délicieuses entrées à grignoter, telles que l'”oignon ring tower” ou les “seafood nachos” (à commander à deux ou plus car ils sont énooormes !). Ils font selon moi le meilleur burger (ou cheese burger) de Pensacola, mais également les meilleures frites que j’ai eu l’occasion de goûter. À testez d’urgence. Si vous aimez les fruits de mer, je vous conseille d’essayer leur “flounder chowder” qui est vraiment succulente. Et si vous avez encore faim pour un dessert, testez leur tarte au citron : sa taille est proportionnelle à son gout ! Flounders propose également un brunch le dimanche, avec un all you can eat mimosa (champagne + jus d’orange) jusqu’à 14 heures.

Ce qui rend finalement ce restaurant si spécial à mes yeux – en plus de contenter mon estomac – c’est la possibilité de pouvoir ensuite rester toute la journée à Pensacola Beach, pour jouer au volley-ball, boire de supers cocktails ou tout simplement se reposer sur la plage.


Seafood nachos


“Biggest cheeseburger on the beach”


Mango & tropical cocktail


Sunday Brunch


Key lime pie


Le Cosy

When I lived in Paris (well, actually a small city 20min away from Paris), I used to go at least 2 times a week to the restaurant. One of my favourite is Le Cosy in Maisons Laffitte (15min away from Paris with the RER A)

The decoration of this restaurant is really beautiful with 2 different atmosphere depending on if you are outside or inside. The outside is where you go if you want to take a coffee, a hot chocolate with your friends or to take a salad or a carpaccio during the summer. The inside has a kind of decoration I particularly like. Everything in the decoration is baroque from the walls to the furniture.


As for the food it’s in the middle between classic food and premium food. They have some basic food such as salads and hamburgers but also a lot of sophisticated food you will not find anywhere else.

One of my favourites is their Cesar Salad made with chicken, bacon, poached egg, croutons and their fabulous homemade cesar sauce. (price: 15€)

image image

For all the meat lover, they have a delicious carpaccio topped with parmesan during the summer season.

If you want to try French Food, you should try their “Périgourdine’s Salad” made with the traditional foie gras or their “Pot au Feu”. (price: both 16€)

If you like to eat an appetizer before your main entrée, they have a good tapas plate for 2 people which include crispy bit cheese, prawn fritter, olive-tomato focaccia, stuffed mushroom and cantal cheese. (price: 12€)