Le Cosy

When I lived in Paris (well, actually a small city 20min away from Paris), I used to go at least 2 times a week to the restaurant. One of my favourite is Le Cosy in Maisons Laffitte (15min away from Paris with the RER A)

The decoration of this restaurant is really beautiful with 2 different atmosphere depending on if you are outside or inside. The outside is where you go if you want to take a coffee, a hot chocolate with your friends or to take a salad or a carpaccio during the summer. The inside has a kind of decoration I particularly like. Everything in the decoration is baroque from the walls to the furniture.


As for the food it’s in the middle between classic food and premium food. They have some basic food such as salads and hamburgers but also a lot of sophisticated food you will not find anywhere else.

One of my favourites is their Cesar Salad made with chicken, bacon, poached egg, croutons and their fabulous homemade cesar sauce. (price: 15€)

image image

For all the meat lover, they have a delicious carpaccio topped with parmesan during the summer season.

If you want to try French Food, you should try their “Périgourdine’s Salad” made with the traditional foie gras or their “Pot au Feu”. (price: both 16€)

If you like to eat an appetizer before your main entrée, they have a good tapas plate for 2 people which include crispy bit cheese, prawn fritter, olive-tomato focaccia, stuffed mushroom and cantal cheese. (price: 12€)



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